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Ghouls Spark Unique Pop-Punk With 'Great Expectations 2'

Old Subbacultcha

Old Subbacultcha

Shortly before the release of their second EP this July, it's about time everyone takes a moment to listen to what Ghouls have in store for us.


This article is your chance to get to know one of the most innovative English bands I've had the pleasure of discovering (through the amazing help of YouTube suggestions). Ghouls are a five piece London-based band and the one thing that's going to make you appreciate them, is that their genre is completely different from everything happening right now in the pop punk music scene.

They define themselves as “pop punk and horns” and that's exactly what this is all about. I find it totally marvelous that they are capable of mixing the sound of the true, catchy, sing along-y pop punk with the powerful, classical sound of horns. Because yes, two out of the five members of the band play, respectively, trombone and saxophone.

Ghouls have been a band for less than four years now but they already have some sweet stuff you can check out. They released a full length album called “Ten Thousand Words On” featuring 11 tracks, and after touring through the UK and Europe, they started working on their first EP, that came out at the end of last year called 'Great Expectations'.

The difference between this EP and their full length is almost obvious. It took these guys only a couple of months to better themselves in order to create an amazing piece of music that still has the strong and alternative sound of Ghouls, but is definitely more mature and next-level compared to their old stuff.

The next big step is not happening far from now. Ghouls are set to release their second EP, called “Great Expectations Part II” on July 10th. We at had the incredible chance of listening to these tracks before their official release, in order to give you some hints on why you should pre-order this EP.

The whole feeling I got while listening to it was that these guys deserve to be the next big thing in the music scene. Each track on here is different, sophisticated and mature. One of the things I loved the most were the lyrics, that remain catchy and easy to sing along to, but never sound obvious or cliché.


My personal favourites from the EP are “Being Me” and “Acting Adult”: these two are the 'slowest' tracks on the EP, while the others are proper crowd surfing jams. Going from the first “Great Expectations” to “Abandon Ships”, through “Better And Then Some” (the first single released), every single song could be defined as a true anthem to define Ghouls' genre. And it's crazy to say, because every album has one or two massive anthems while this one seems to be full of them.

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Words by Giulia Elia