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Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! Say Don’t Wait For Destiny

Old Subbacultcha

Old Subbacultcha

The French rockers, Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! have never been your ordinary punk band and are back under the spotlight to bring their die-hard fans their new LP ‘Get Lost, Find Yourself’.

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This five piece group have always provided a bit more bite to their music than you’re traditional New Found Glory punkheads. With a strong and clear singing voice to accompany his mighty roar, Bert Poncet stands out amongst the contemporary front men of pop rock but prefers to stand together with his fellow band members than become the single face of the well-known group. With eight years of being together under their belt (as well as two previously released albums), their new album showcases the pinnacle of their musical achievements to date.

This fast paced ten track automobile races straight into action with "Playing dead", burning up any doubts you may have on your expectations. Eating up the road, the journey takes the follower through the "City of light" which contains commanding choruses and strong guitar work from Paul Cordebard and Éric Poncet. The chug of the engine synchronises with the opening guitar riff to "The Other Line" as Poncet narrates the betrayal and false nature of modern day relationships. Picking up speed, "Set it straight" explains just how to learn to live with such common heartache, opening with a soft anthem which swiftly moves into their classic brand of punchy guitar riffs and hard drum beats.

Warding the audience away from the metaphorical tires with "Pull you under", the band delve into the now common message of making sure that everyday monotony doesn’t slow you down. Everything starts to slow to a cruising pace as ‘What goes around’ makes an appearance making a point that all actions have consequences as the tempo cuts itself in half and drops to a swaying motion.

The engine burps and reclaims some of its strength with "Worst case scenario" bringing in yet another anthem to remember as well as reminding their listeners that in the grand scheme of things, most problems are not worth clinging on to. Passing through forestry, the view and "Twist the knife" get busy with branches and fast paced ska-like verses. Slowly falling to a purr, the engine grinds to a halt, leaving nothing but the gentle acoustic strums of "Get lost find yourself" and the concept of losing yourself to fill the silence. Standing on a cliff top, looking out on the scene of the album cover, the last track "Every Moment" contemplates the idea of those moments where it might be "too late to say goodbye".

With not waiting for destiny, but claiming it, being one of the largest themes to the new release, the Goonie lovers have successfully fulfilled their own message by grafting hard to create a hard-rocking speedway of an album to add to their back catalogue.

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Words by Nathan Roach