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Alias Kid Get Phenomenal Reaction To 'Revolt To Revolt'

Old Subbacultcha

Old Subbacultcha

Wow this band has some very famous fans – Tom out of Kasabian, Man City’s very own Sergio Aguero, Clint Boon, and um Gary Bushell, to namedrop a few… so it was clear that I needed to see for myself what all the commotion was about.

A trio of rock ‘n’ roll bad boys, who used to play in a band called The Vortex, with Bonehead (remember him?) formed Alias Kid about eighteen months ago with the addition of two more members, and were instantaneously signed by Creation main man Alan McGee (remember him!!?) after playing at one of his music nights. The rest, as they say, is history in the making …

So album opener ‘Dirty Soul’ is a rousing anthem which puts me very much in mind of The Beatles ‘Come Together’ mixed with a sprinkling of Oasis for some strange reason… it manages to sound new yet familiar all at once, which isn’t a bad thing, and it’s an interesting start to an album that’s already had heaps of five star reviews. ‘Revolution Sometime’ follows with some great big Manchester sounding vocals, full of attitude, swagger and I can see this easily becoming the soundtrack for Russell Brand’s election campaign.

Track three is a personal favourite, ‘Zara Henna’ and I have visions of me on a sticky dance floor bouncing around to this one, singing along at the top of my voice. Very catchy. And it doesn’t stop there. Number four songs on albums are usually where I decide one way or another to listen to the whole thing or switch off and thankfully ‘Smoke and Ashes’ is amazing, and I’m still listening. It’s a slower one and with lyrics like ‘when she comes and takes me from my day, she blows my mind’ it makes me wish for home-time to hurry along so I can put this album on repeat and be transported.

‘Messiah’ and ‘Shot through’ have the sound of a band that have been going for a much longer time, it all sounds so polished and accomplished, it’s easy to forget that this band wasn’t around in the 90s. I live my life just waiting for the weekend too, so these sounds are completely hitting the right place for me. Next up ‘She Don’t Yeah Yeah Yeah’ is quite dirty sounding, pounding driving beat and insistent vocals. Loving it. Really not difficult to see why and how this band was snapped up so quickly. I definitely would too after hearing this.

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‘All Over Now’ is all echoey vocals and a simple up and down tune that completely works, again it’s instant, like love at first sight, this lot make it sound so easy. It’s as if Alias Kid have always been there and just put this album together effortlessly. Penultimate song ‘Never Negotiate’ keeps the energy going, and the rhythm is immense, definitely dancing now!  Album closer ‘Wheels’ is a bit sweary, just to forewarn you if you’re listening with the kids!!  It’s also my least favourite but you know 9 out of 10 isn’t too bad!

All in, this is a band that absolutely, resolutely believe in themselves, and as frontman Sean instructed me following an out of body experience watching the Clone Roses on the Isle of Wight ‘you have to believe that you are the best at what you’re doing, then everybody else will too’ that’s kind of paraphrased but I got the gist, and it was a great bit of advice. Thank you Alias Kid, I look forward to hearing much more from you.

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Words picture & interview by Mary Long