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Huntress Cement Place In Metal Scene With New Album Static

Old Subbacultcha

Old Subbacultcha

Five years after their debut EP, ‘Off With Her Head’, and two phenomenal albums later, Huntress are to release their third album, ‘Static’.

A lot has happened since their second album back in 2013, the guitarist Eli Santana getting assaulted whilst on tour in the UK and front woman Jill Janus recently having cancer issues, but I can thankfully say Jill managed to kick cancer’s ass. They are now scheduled to tour with big names such as Mötorhead, Slayer and Anthrax on the Mötorboat cruise in October, where hopefully Jill Janus will be back to 100% and ready to tear up the stage as she can so easily do.

I first saw Huntress back when they were the supporting band for Amon Amarth and instantly fell in love with this doomy, occultist, yet very thrashy sound. Their first two albums ‘Spell Eater’, and ‘Starbound Beast’ had already, in my mind, cemented themselves in the heavy metal scene, ‘Static’ just proves that they are here to stay.

The opening track “Sorrow” starts with an impressive riff that just sets the bar for the rest of the album. It’s fast, aggressive and you’ll be begging for more. Then “Flesh”, a beautifully dark song that is probably the catchiest song on the album.

Another major highlight of this album has to be “Mania”. Forget what you know about Huntress for this track as they strip it all back and uncover a beautiful melodic tone, with Jill showing just how versatile her voice can be. With powerful vocal hooks and an inspiring guitar solo this song is a welcome change in pace for the album, and somehow manages to tie everything together without being slow, boring or a filler track.

Then there is the thunderous track that is “Fire in my Heart”, the last track on the album. This track is packed full of exciting riffs and aggressive vocals. The two guitars fit together perfectly, and you can hear the bass cut through and lead the track, which is nice as occasionally the vocals do steal the limelight.

The entire album sticks perfectly to the Huntress style yet it also shows how versatile this band can be and writing new songs seems to be no problem. At the moment Huntress seem unstoppable in their rise up the metal scene and I personally cannot wait for Huntress to tour this album.

'Static' is due for release on the 25th September.

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Words by Lewis Miltenberger