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Get a taste of Castle's new album...
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With Castle’s new full-length ‘Under Siege’ just around the corner, we bring you a premiere of their latest single, ‘Be My Ghost’. Dark, brooding and with a penchant for all things occult, the San Francisco power-trio draw on classic heavy metal of the seventies -and the post-Sabbath doom pioneers- to brilliant effect. Working with renowned producer Billy Anderson (Eyehategod, Orange Goblin) they’ve further refined their sound, and the band had this to say about choice cut, ‘Be My Ghost.’ "
'Be My Ghost' is about the eternal struggle between the forces of light and dark and is another Castle song that is heavily indebted conceptually and visually to William Blake. We wanted to bring both those elements into the video and Jaan with his animation background was able to bring some of those Blake visuals that inspired the song to life". The video’s directed by Jaan Silmberg (Super Duper Alice Cooper) and is a menacing, evocative watch. Take a look...
"Under Siege" arrives May16 Van Records (EU) and May 19th Prosthetic Records (US).

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