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Welcome To The Howling Tones Introduce Debut LP 'Green & Blues'

Old Subbacultcha

Old Subbacultcha

A band of four who appear to have known each other from junior school days and have bumped into each other throughout the years, culminating in the Welcome to the Howling Tones band.

I had the pleasure of catching up with the band at the West End Centre in Aldershot on the launch day of their debut album. Talking with the band before they went on stage, they come across as very helpful, friendly and little nervous.  Nervous, I hasten to add, of talking with me and putting together a small Subba-Cultcha shout out video   When they appeared later that evening on stage there were no nerves to be seen, delivering an epic performance, which made me pleased to have ventured out to see them.   So let’s move on to the album and their music.

The opening track, “Deep River Blues”, does what it says on the tin.  Sounds and feels like a rocky blues track from the start, with a good deep beat, a foot tapper, “Sitting by the river, lying in the water bed”, very strong driven vocals, great opening track.  Blues feeling at the start, with drums and percussion starting around the 2minute mark, which certainly kicks the track along nicely.  This was a great opening track giving a reflective hint of what else is to come.

The second track has to be one of my favorites on the album.  “Eyes to Hypnotise” - fast start and aggressive!  Something I’d run to and maybe something to use on speed work running sessions.  Full featured, makes me tingle and want to jump onto my bike or go out for a run.  It would be something I’d have in my exercise playlist for sure!  Excellent guitar work again, bounces along very nicely, changes in tempo and pace made very well.  The guitar solo at the three-minute area is great, adds nicely to an already kicking track.  My favorite track of the night!

"Broken Man" has a great chorus, excellent blend of guitars with rhythm guitar ploughing away in the near background and the heavy chorus sections work very well.  It is an accomplished track, which feels very well put together with very prominent vocals “A broken man… broken hearts don’t mend” with guitars providing the support throughout.  Again, a great beat throughout.

“Suck the blood out of my soul”, 2m30 track changes, slows right down, the track mellows, almost polite, drawing you in, then stronger drums kick in with a heavier beat, almost impatient and then another change. It’s very engaging with nice changes throughout. It’s quite a dark track with a nice guitar solo touch at the end, enjoyable and a grower.

"Dip me in the Mud" is dark, heavy and fast moving.  Fast guitar solo intro, blues-rock style again, drums and instruments join in quickly.  “Work don’t get me down…Demons, pray for me.”  A fast paced track with changes in vocal style being used throughout.

Drums and cymbals work well throughout the album, lead and rhythm guitars work effortlessly and the bass provides superb support and definition.  Again very strong vocal performance, everything knits together seamlessly.

The album is good but doesn’t do justice to seeing the band live.   Seeing the band on stage conveys the energy of the music and the huge amount of feeling they put into it.  I do believe they really enjoy themselves up there as well, huge grin from the drums, great engagement with the audience and confident performance.  Excellent!  Go and buy the album and listen for yourself, you won’t be disappointed.  Get to see them live if you can, its well worth the trip!

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Words by Steven Mccormick