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The Graveltones Deliver Album Of Pure Energy In 'Loves Lies Dying'

Old Subbacultcha

Old Subbacultcha

UK based Australian duo, The Graveltones, brought rock ‘n roll back with their acclaimed debut album, ‘Don’t Wait Down’ in 2013. Now, two years on, they’ve returned with their anticipated second record, ‘Love Lies Dying’ and it’s electrifying.

Available from the 31st May 2015 through Lagoon Dog Records, ‘Love Lies Dying’ has huge shoes to fill. Their 2013 release caused an onset of tours, play listed songs and even landed them a deal with Rimmel, who used their single, “I Want Your Love”, in a Kate Moss advertisement. They were also nominated for the 'Best New Band' award at the Classic Rock Awards, but The Temperance Movement took the win.

Vocalist Jimmy O’s thoughts on the record ''It's one of those things, when you record a bunch of songs and send them out there to play ball you hope you've raised them up good enough to take care of themselves, and all these songs seem to get along with each other real well. They make a good team. I think they're gonna be alright.''

The first track “World on a string,” is like a slap in the face before a kiss. It's charged with passionate energy that prepares you for the electrifying thrill that follows. A Fuzzy, riff-roaring melody with thundering drums and Jimmy O's raw voice all melting into a heavy rock revolt together.

“This love’s gonna break", is a let’s-get-on-down-suga kind of track. A groovy riff kickstarts four minutes of hard blues heaven. The highlight comes around three minutes in, when the music fades out, this metronomical beat kicks in and then... that killer, little riff again.

“Never gonna let you go”, a personal favourite, is a solid track laden with a very raw, almost morose energy. There's this quality to it, that just sucks the listener in completely.

“Back to you” is a Johnny Cash-esque track that bears some resemblance to Trace Evans' ‘Bad Things’ - the True Blood theme track. Jimmy's voice is quite different on this track and the deepness of it, accompanied by the slow progression of the instruments, creates this eerie aura, that somehow works extremely well. The goosebumps on my arms will testify to that.

“Come & Find Me” introduces itself with this amazing mash up of riffs, symbols and this incredibly clever song layout. Almost a stop-start kind of track, but one that works incredibly well.

If you're a fan of Royal Blood or The White Stripes, you'll definitely appreciate The Graveltones. ‘Love Lies Dying’ is like this ball of pure energy that’s always on the verge of exploding.

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Words by Renette van der Merwe