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Ella Eyre's Debut 'Feline' Is Sassy & Pretty Darn Amazing

Old Subbacultcha

Old Subbacultcha

Ella Eyre has not had it easy! Despite stomping onto the scene back in 2013 with #1 smasher “Waiting All Night” with Rudimental, that was played in practically every club everywhere every night in 2013, somehow her solo work offered very little success with tracks “If I Go”, “Comeback” and “Together” all just missing the top 10, somehow, thus pushing the album back almost two years.

The album opens on single #3 “Together” and the track is a pure dance banger and as the album plays through, it is clearly divided into two genres – big dance bangers and R&B ballads. Regardless, both genres work effectively for Ella (evident in track “Always” for the dancier tracks).

The album’s offers us feline sassiness in the form of single #2 “Comeback” (which should have been a #1 hit record). It’s cutting. It’s sassy and it’s pretty damn amazing and incredibly underrated. Similarly “Typical Me” gives us the same vibe.

The interesting aspect to the record 'Feline' is the two tracks placed next to each other “Two”, a uptown, almost verging on Motown track and you will find yourself singing along to her “stuck in a traffic jam” lyric as, most city goers can relate, when are we not stuck in a traffic jam? This is placed really nicely with acoustic, soul track “Even If” where Ella lets her vocals shine as she sings about a relationship ending, but on good terms, is she hinting to her romance with John Newman? Who knows?

The only issues with 'Feline' for myself are the inclusion of DJ Fresh track “Gravity” and the strangely acoustic version of “Waiting For The Night”. Otherwise we have a strong debut and I can’t wait to see where Ella goes next...

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Words by Daniel John Sado