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Old Subbacultcha

Old Subbacultcha

Expansive, epic rock from the South Coast...

SAYS: "It hasn’t taken long for Brighton’s Shrine to set tongues a-wagging, and for good reason. Complex yet brilliantly immediate, their potently progressive stylings betray a dense weave of influences; soaring vocals rubbing shoulders with jazzy guitar licks, shot through with oodles of ambition. New single ‘Saviour’ (a choice cut from debut EP, ‘Closer To The Sun’) is brilliantly wide-ranging and – frankly – bloody epic, vocalist Will Gardner showcasing his range throughout: but it’s only the beginning. Math and prog fans should love this blend of the soulful and abrasive... and you can sample the song below. Keep your eyes peeled for further coverage, too."
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th April, Shrine are releasing the first half of their two-part EP, called ‘Closer to the Sun’. The four-piece blend aggressive hardcore, the grandeur of post rock and the atypical characteristics of math rock into a compelling, genre-cocktail. Their gigging schedule saw them headline 2013’s Nice Weather for Airstrikes Festival, tour the UK and Europe and support the likes of Pelican, Deafheaven, Delta Sleep, Almeida, The Physics House Band, Polymath, Vasa and loads more.