REVIEW album Carrie Underwood Storyteller

Carrie Underwood triumphs once again...


Carrie Underwood

After winning American Idol, Carrie Underwood has continually proven her worth and force to the music industry and "Storyteller" is not going to alter that. The track opens with "Renegade Runaway", a flip reversal to single "Cowboy Casonova" but this time it's the woman that's to be wary of, not the man and it's great, like the album itself.

Carrie has changed it up a little bit this time. Gone are the dramatic moments captured so perfectly on "Blown Away" , this album is a much more rooted Country record. Not that there is anything wrong there. The tracks all have a narrative... Whether it be marrying an abusive lover in "Church Bells" or a Bonnie & Clyde-esque situation in "Mexico" (keep a note for the incredible Mexican accent in the second verse).

Personal favourite "Heartbeat" slows the tempo down a little bit but with a melody that'll ring in your ears for days. It's a beautiful country track. Another slow jam comes in the form of album closer "What I Never Knew I Always Wanted", possibly the most personal track on the record as Carrie invites us into her life and her baby and her husband. It's a low key finish but does the job effectively.

Another great moment comes in the form of "Choctaw County Affair" which is a pure Country song. It's in the vein of "Before He Cheats" and reminiants of TV show "GCB". It's great. It's fun and you're going to love it.

Carrie Underwood is an artist who will continually grow from strength to strength. It seemed unlikely that she was ever going to be able to top any of her past records, but Carrie perseveres yet again and has created a great body of work that we'll be singing for years.


  • Is anyone else digging this record? It's a really triumphant moment!