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Lady Neptune Destroys the Moon after Saving Planet Earth

Old Subbacultcha

Old Subbacultcha

Second EP from Moema Meade offers glorious noises and curious missteps


Lady Neptune Destroys the Moon Available from Icecapades (Download & Limited Cassette) March 24th - 7/10

Lady Neptune is the alter ego of London based musician and visual artist, Moema Meade and this five track EP following the now sold out 
Saves Planet Earth, arrives ahead of a short tour in support of it's release. Coming on like a mix of The Breeders and early GBV, it's a curious lo-fi confection with enough hooks and attitude to carry it over the line. Lead track Words is the highlight, suggesting that she has a way with a tune that may not save the earth but could at least go some way to making it a nicer place to live in. The first four songs all offer evidence of an emerging talent at work and even when inspiration is a little threadbare there's more than enough chutzpah to keep you engaged. The production is defiantly lo-fi but on the whole it merely adds to the overall feel, helping to make each tracks feel greater than the sum of it's constituent parts. The second half of the EP is made up of Life on Neptune, a fifteen minute sound collage that, unfortunately, somewhat tests the patience. It's a curious fact that the longer and more free form a piece the greater the discipline required, and discipline is somewhat lacking on this occasion. Sound collage is phenomenally difficult to master - even Lennon struggled with it (but to be fair also nailed it with Revolution 9) - and Life on Neptune needs some serious editing or at least a better structure to maintain interest. The EP is the perfect format for Lady Neptune's particular brand of noise, bite sized, wonderfully disposable and for the first four tracks at least , a blast. Preorder it here: