REVIEW festival Wonderfruit

Wonderfruit - Festival Delights of the Far East

Tucked away in the luscious palm filled mountains, sits an eclectic Thai festival that is Wonderfruit. Within this quirky bubble sits a myriad of entertainment for all the senses. The music literally takes the stage with predominantly digital artists showcasing their live DJ talents. A short jaunt can lead you to an 8 piece Thai live band, performing some skankworthy South East Asian beats.

The sound quality at the main stage was impeccable and a world away from all other festival main stages, where the sound normally seems to escape from the crowd. Bristol based Submotion Orchestra made the British festival go’ers proud. It was heartwarming to watch our Asian friends rush to the stage in awe, videoing the bands perfect blend of lyrical harmony and instrumental expertise.

The accompanying laser shows encapsulated the crowd, particularly in The Quarry. This was a slightly secluded arena, which held one of the late night stages. Impressive bamboo structures cocooned the Techno head crowd. Time out from the dancefloor was a delight with numerous giant inflatable and interconnected domes, filled with, wait for it, water beds! Sensuous treats like these can be found throughout this dream like festival, somewhat reminiscent of the quirky UK festival Secret Garden Party.

Locally designed interactive bubble machines, artist paintings, a plethora of creative workshops and not forgetting The Healing Field are all examples of this quirk. The spiritual injection into this festival sets it apart from other standard programs.

The architecture of the festival was a personal highlight. An endless mixture of intricate, trippy and local designs enabled new details to be discovered through-out the four days. The UK based stretch tents provided and installed by Intent, were sided up alongside Thai style huts and furnishings. These provided lots of comfy and shady spots during the day, which is essential in the Thai heat. Cooling of in the swimming lake was appreciated by many.

Another treat for the eco-lovers could be found in the Artisan Village. Here there was a varied range of cuisines, organically grown and locally sourced. Furthermore, the large array of international cuisine kept all the foodies satisfied, if not a tad out of pocket (a given at festivals now though?). Maybe the price would be less of an issue if any food or drink be allowed into the festival?

A small town was a 5 minute taxi ride away though. There was ample Thai food available which was more in budget and let’s face it, delicious. Only providing one station to refill one’s water in the entire festival was a big let-down, especially in the heat! The porterloos were almost always clean, well-stocked and the showers were powerful and spacious.

Having experienced festivals thoughout the UK, Spain, Eastern Europe and Thailand, Wonderfruit is a very strong top contender. If you are in South East Asia during the festival dates, you would be a fool not to get a ticket. And for you serious festival goes, the Euro-Asian vibes are well worthy of a globe crossing journey.

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