REVIEW album Jenny Gillespie Cure For Dreaming

I dream of Jenny Gillespie

Cure For Dreaming

Jenny Gillespie

Actually I haven't dreamt of Jenny Gillespie yet but I do think that her new album 'Cure For Dreaming' is a sublime dream. If you are a fan of Allison Krauss, Rumer, Judie Tzuke, Diana Krall and maybe even Tori Amos then you will love this album.

The songs examine some complex themes around spirituality, death and many other subjects. But the way the lyrics flow and the way Jennie's voice pulls you gently on that journey what seems complicated is made so simple.

Is her music jazz? Is it folk? Is it rock? Well in my opinion it is none of them and all of them at the same time with plenty of added verve. I'm not referring to the band or the record label I mean verve as in vigour and enthusiasm.

She has the hallmark and talent of many a classic singer songwriter. In the vein of Carole King and Joni Mitchell. My three favourite songs of this delicious album are "Part Potawatomi", "Last Mystery Train" and the epic and sweeping "Dhyana By The River".

The album is out any day now and I suggest that you check it out. It is not California native Jenny's first release she has had four or five albums or EPs so far and I intend to listen to them all over the next few weeks. I can also recommend that a great way to listen to 'Cure For Dreaming' is relaxing with a decent Californian Merlot. That's how I listened to it anyway! A truly classy album from a very talented artist.


  • Glad you are getting into this stuff Bill ! Will hopefully catch you at a show sometime soon .