REVIEW album Lissie My Wild West

Lissie Leaves La La Land Behind

My Wild West


Much of Lissie's gorgeous new album, her third, relates to her move away from California to the Midwest. The tunes are heartfelt, warming, emotional, inspirational and everything in between.

In particular I love the lyrics to "Hero", especially 'I could have been a hero, I could have been a zero, I could have been all of these things'. This album has no filler, every song works in the setting of the album and also stands on its own.

I can hear shades of Stevie Nicks in Lissie's soaring and soulful vocals. Lyrically there are elements of Rosanne Cash's best writing too. But comparisons are simply comparisons, Lissie is a vastly talented woman who writes and sings songs that in many cases retain a perfect timeless quality.

The album is out later in February on the Cooking Vinyl label. If you're a fan then you'll no doubt be buying it anyway, but if you're new to Lissie then I recommend that you give this album a try.