REVIEW album Young Malak The Messenger

Psychedelic, Grungy Hip Hop From Exciting New Rapper Young Malak

The Messenger

Young Malak

Fan of hypnotically left-field beats and a vivid introspective rapping style? Young Malak's new mixtape is for you! Reminiscent of artists like Tyler, the Creator, Earl Sweatshirt, Flatbush Zombies and Joey Badass.

Title track ‘The Messenger’ is a dark outpouring of feelings mixed with a psychedelic beat. ‘Avoid the Vortex’ sees the rapper playing with his flow over a grimy synth beat.

"The more you understand your own self the more you will understand this world, and if you can understand this world you realise everything in the universe is one.’"

Malak is a member of the Virginia Beach collective The Keyz, crediting the group for taking him out of a dark place: ‘during that time period it seemed almost as if I was dead because I felt I was not living. Living means growing and I felt I was stagnant as well as having extreme writers block for two years. Once I broke myself down to my roots, overtime I began to get rid of the demons and become me again. It was almost like an immediate shift of energy again as the keyz were sparked and reborn as we all just needed some time to grow and figure out more of ourselves and the environment around us.’

Although Young Malak is just starting out this is a move in the right direction.