REVIEW album The Colossal Heads Mammoths

Mammoths - The Colossal Heads

New Orleans rockers The Colossal Heads are set to release their new EP, 'Mammoths'.

The EP is a vibrant mix of indie rock with a kick. The band are no strangers to hard work which has certainly paid off spending a month on tour last year living out of their car and sleeping on floors, how rock and roll is that? ‘Mammoths’ is just another step in their evolution, stepping outside the box and breaking the boundaries of rock as we know it.

Lead track "Mammoths" has the essence of rockers as legendary as Queen's of The Stone Age but combines this with strong riffs and a grungy vocal, that's not a comparison to take lightly, but these guys definitely deserve it.

"Getaway" is reminiscent of early 90's grunge, with a slightly heavier edge, the layering of this track creates a really intriguing listening experience, with something really raw about the track.

I am less of a fan of "Fingernails" as a track, whilst technically it's brilliant, I'd of loved a heavier edge to mix up the EP, to separate it from the rest.

"While we wait" offers a different sound, without feeling out of place and although the track has a lot going on it's put together well enough that everything blends together and flows well.

Overall the EP is strong, with a great step forward for The Colossal Heads, I look forward to hearing more from them and watching them grow.