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The Skints' 'FM'... The Soundtrack To Your Summer?

Old Subbacultcha

Old Subbacultcha

The Skints are a London based reggae outfit who are releasing their third album 'FM' this March.  Prior to listening to this record I had only a passing knowledge of the reggae music scene in the UK but there was something about the bands single 'This Town' which peaked my interest to explore further.

With the track order revolving around imaginary London pirate radio broadcasts on the hottest day of the year this album has a quirky and engaging structure which keeps the listener interested throughout.  In fact, whilst listening to the album you cannot help but imagine yourself sitting outside with friends and enjoying this imaginary day.  This a genre hopping album with tracks representing an impressive range of diversity; bouncing from reggae to indie pop to a bit of grime.  Whereas a lot of the lyrics are very London centric the album has the potential to appeal to listeners outside of the capital due to the strong themes evident in each song.


Both musically and lyrically the album stands out from the crowd.  There is a humility and honesty to the songs which is refreshing to hear.  This is not an album of people bragging about how great/rich/successful they are but rather people who are vocally and lyrically gifted sharing with the listener some astute and interesting observations.  At no point does this feel too heavy going and after listening to this album you cannot help but feel uplifted.

The genre spanning songs, the catchy hooks and well observed lyrics leads to positive comparisons with The Streets.  This is one of those albums you want to share with your friends regardless of their musical taste due to the cross-over quality of the songs.  It is also one that you would be quite happy to play on loop .  This could quite easily become the soundtrack to your summer owing to its timeless quality which can't help but evoke positive memories when listening to it.  This is an album which will reward your exploration with each play and one you will consistently be going back to in the months to come.

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Words by Dominic Munden