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Otherworldly psych-pop whimsy...

SUBBA-CULTCHA.COM SAYS: Currently at work on their debut album, Virginia Wing craft hypnotic, psychedelic pop songs, soundtracks to the hazy daze of summer. Ethereal yet solidly crafted cuts like ‘Donna’s Gift’ can’t fail to intrigue, and they’ve already caught the attention of Fire Records, who’ll be releasing said full-length very soon. Their music might be a little too minimal for some, but patient listeners will be amply rewarded: and we hear their live shows can prove captivating. Check out the ‘Donna’s Gift’ video below, and check back for an upcoming interview.
virginia wing pic   Having released a few exploratory singles and EPs on
Critical Heights and
Faux Discx, London-based
Virginia Wing will be releasing their debut album on
Fire Records in 2014, coinciding with the label’s 30th Anniversary. The band are recording the album with
Misha Hering at
Holy Mountain Studios, where they recorded their previous EP and 7". A formidable blend of krautrock inspired rhythms, ethereal vocals and detached oscillations,
Virginia Wing seek to expand on these elements, retaining an immersive and experimental edge whilst simultaneously informed by classic pop conventions.