REVIEW album Hannah Grace Mustang

Hannah Grace Revs Her Mesmerizing 'Mustang'


Hannah Grace

Many artists find a comfortable method of singing at different stages of their career. Some need a few albums of toil and experimentation to sit contentedly with a discovered style but with Hannah Grace, her exceptional talent for dropping jaws appears as natural to her as the prints of the leopard or colours of the birds.

With the already large number of her ever-growing fan base speaking outright satisfaction to the content, the only dilemma was enduring the stretched passage of time before her second installment but the time has come for Never Fade Records to release her second EP to date, ‘Mustang’.

Opening on the title track with a foot stomping rhythm and the essential groove she tirelessly delivers, Hannah envelops herself in a jazz sandwich with indie rock providing the necessary toppings to make this track deliciously addictive.

“Keep Your Love” slowly sets in a bass-led trance and flicks up a defiant middle finger to everything given to nothing received in the name of love. The topic is unfamiliar to her previous work but holds no dread of lyrical contamination but instead follows a soul pop tale of misunderstanding and conscious questioning.

A name like “Blue With You” easily slides over the tongue like rich honey but implies a song of heart thread lamentation as it opens on a soulful blues guitar twang and sidles into a gentle pace of harmonic raindrop piano work and an interwoven poetic pursuit for peace of mind.

Miss Grace follows a systematic routine of starting, like most, from the bottom of her vocal cord staircase and steadily rising. The point of interest with this artist however, is that there is no way of telling exactly how high her range can continue to climb, taking an extra step every so often that takes the listener slightly aback.

The final track, “Hey You”, does nothing but personify this theory while holding hypnotic acoustic plucks and slides that offer a suitable foundation for the singers gorgeous ballad to softly dance over, before sending the rafters into a trembling apex.

‘Mustang’ goes to show that Hannah’s vibrato stitched voice that does not struggle to reach those essential notes needed to not only suggest her new EP will be just as successful as the previous but also makes her unquestionably graceful.