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Element Remix Review


The Hallows

The remix for The Hallow’s track ‘Element’ landed in my inbox today and I was rather interested to see how this would differ to the original. I hoped not much as I very much enjoyed the sound and vibe of the track but I have to say I was very pleasantly surprised!

The remix, which features Monowave and Charlie Jones, is the perfect combination of the ethereal and other worldly vibe of the original track and the upbeat catchy pop sounds of the remix. The original appeal of the track is not lost for me in this remix which is something that I often find when listening to remixes so I really enjoyed this new lease of life for the song! It is filled with energy and movement throughout and the techno sounds perfectly contrast with the beautiful vocals making for an interesting mix.

Although The Hallows were not a band who I would have imagined might come out with a remix I am glad that they have! I would be interested to see if they come out with any further remixes in the future, and if they do I will certainly check them out! All in all, a band who I love and now another track of theirs to add to my personal music collection.

I believe that The Hallows have a couple of upcoming gigs so why not check out the dates and see if any are close to you! The dates are on their website.

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