REVIEW album Bull Funk Zoo Dangerous Radio

Bull Funk Zoo's Dangerous Radio

Dangerous Radio

Bull Funk Zoo

Bull Funk Zoo is back making an impact in the rock scene with his second album ‘Dangerous Radio’. The album is the perfect soundtrack for head banging with its punchy guitar riffs and strong powerful true rock vocals.

Bull Funk Zoo is a hard rocker, whose most recent album ‘Dangerous Radio’ takes listeners on a journey through sex, funk, rock and blues with sound inspired from true musical legends such as Jimi Hendrix. The uncompromising artist has been gaining support in his surrounding areas in the Middle East since his debut album back in 2013. Having previously collaborated with Eslam Jawad M.C, Bull Funk Zoo has been delivering crushing guitar riffs, seismic choruses and undeniable groove with absolute conviction. The album is filled with dynamic rock which still maintains well thought out melodies which are not overpowered by the strong rocky undertones of the tracks. All the songs will be sure to make your hairs stand on end, give you chills, make you feel good and just make you want to turn it up nice and loud and rock out!

Really enjoyed listening to this album and I hope more of Bull Funk Zoo’s stuff will come my way in the future.

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