REVIEW album Cado Take Me Back

Cado - 'Take Me Back'

Take Me Back


The new four track EP from Dublin based pure rock and roll infused artist Cado was on my list of reviews this week and I was very excited to get cracking on it even without having listened to the music!

Despite having only been born in 1990 Cado has dedicated his life to his love of vintage rock and roll and is now passionate about making music which is filled with his love of all things ‘50s and ‘60s.

I was interested to hear how a 26 year old young man would be able to create a true rock and roll filled EP in an age when the genre is no longer at the forefront of today’s music. Despite these reservations, I sat and listened to the whole EP and loved every single second!

Right from the beginning of the first track, which is also the title track, ‘Take Me Back’ you really are transported back in time. The song sounds so authentic and the production is finished to such a high standard, you would not expect that Cado is a true DIY artist producing everything at home in his personal studio! His voice is gritty and raw and is supported by funky old school style guitars and a strong drum beat underpins the song which really makes you want to start moving your hips and groove along!

The second track, ‘Record Machine’ is a slightly more upbeat funky sounding track. I love the energy which is so strong throughout the whole track; it really shows Cado’s passion and love for the music that he creates! Everything about this song from the repeating guitar riffs to the strong and powerful vocals on this track just screams vintage inspired fast paced energy - I really love it.

I have to say ‘Oh Baby’ is a close contender for my favourite track on the EP. I am a sucker for the love inspired lyrics; I could picture this song at a teen prom with couples everywhere enjoying their first slow dances. Cado’s vocals are softer on this track and perfectly reflect the less hardcore more emotive theme of the song. It really is an earworm of a track and I could easily listen to it on repeat for hours!

I am very glad that I have discovered Cado, a great EP and he is an amazingly talented and unique artist who I really hope that I hear more from in the future! Awesome EP and I will be sure to give it a download through his Bandcamp site.

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