REVIEW album The Dandy Horses Tales From Hard Luck Town

The Dandy Horses Release Folk Infused Album

Tales From Hard Luck Town

The Dandy Horses

A beautifully made 11 track album, with a commercial edge, straight out of Northern Ireland, The Dandy Horses are a multi instrumented Irish folk-rock band, having received praise from The Belfast Telegraph, BBC Radio Ulster and Creative Voices NI, you wouldn't want to miss out on giving this album a play.

The Dandy Horses are often compared to bands such as Fleetwood Mac and The Mama's and Papa's, you can see why too, listening to their album each track tells a story, whether that be a murder ballad, homelessness, seeking fulfillment, relationships and drunken antics and even being sent to prison.

'Hydebank Hotel' is a personal favourite of mine, the upbeat track depicts a tale of being in prison from court to jail, something that could be likened to Johnny Cash's 'Falsom Prison Blues'...

The opening track of the album 'Hard Luck Town' is also a personal favourite, with both male and female vocals, creating a very folk feel, The Dandy Horses should definitely be your go to band to get your folk fill.

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