REVIEW album Tilted Axes Music For Mobile Guitars

Pushing Music To The Third Dimension

Music For Mobile Guitars

Tilted Axes

Hailing from New York, Tilted Axes, a band specializing in alternative, post and art rock, aims to produce three-dimensional music.

Rather than solely merging different genres - comprising mainly audio - and intentionally creating a new sound, this group combines the elements of rock with the authoritative experience of live theatre. You'll also notice a smidge of downtown New York's arts scene in the form of patriotic spirit.

If you mix all these ingredients, you'll get "Music For Mobile Guitars," the newest album by Tilted Axes.

Founded by composer and performer Patrick Grant in 2011, this band breaks barriers and pushes the concept of sound past its boundaries. The inspiration originated from theatre work partaken by Patrick, who is classically-trained and has a strong background in gamelan music and vanguard theatre.

In the 2012-13 fiscal year, he was honoured with the Con Edison Musicians' Residency Composition Program at the Turtle Bay Music School, coordinated by "Exploring the Metropolis," a not-for-profit community arts organization in New York. This opportunity conceptualized the musical exploration of neighbourhoods in large cities.

Once you listen to "Music For Mobile Guitars" from start to finish, it'll become one of your favourites.

"Shapes 1" sets the tone for the entire session, bringing to life the band members' mission of discovering vast and unknown sounds. It's smooth, edgy and has a brilliant rhythm.

The single "Polymetric Patterns" projects mixed emotions, encouraging the listener to sit back, close his/her eyes, and imagine shapes changing colour at regular intervals. The progressive rock aids the visual process, making the song the highlight of the album.