REVIEW gig Kaleo KOKO Nov 2106

Kaleo Kill It At Koko

First hearing "Way down we go", I was frozen. I literally sat still in my chair and just listened to this awesome song. I was truly captivated, and yes I feel like I say that a lot about music; but when one song really freezes you, you know you're on to something good here... and that something good is called Kaleo.

Jumping at the chance to see them at KOKO on a cold winter Wednesday night in London, it was the most exciting thing to do to keep myself warm. Sold out of course, listen to the band and you'll understand why. But for a band where a lot of peoples responses are "Who?" and "No I haven't heard that song" is surprising. Nonetheless, Kaleo made themselves noticed and heard at KOKO.

Opening the set with "I can't go on with you" stunning and instantly holding the crowd captive, lead singer JJ Julius Son's impressive whistling skills created a humorous yet accepting tone to the gig, with almost everyone commenting on it. Being completely honest here, I had only heard a selection of Kaleo's music and surprisingly it was all the soft songs, so when Kaleo rip and tear the stage with "No Good" and "Hot Blood" I was dancing, throwing my arms around and smiling the whole time.

Who knew these gentle, charismatic and emotional guys can do the exact opposite. Cool, edgy and yes very sexy, Kaleo were rocking out and the crowd went mental for it. For a band to hold not only a great whistling skill but the skill to create music for all emotions and ones that are the opposite end of the spectrum to each other is something I applaud.

Leaving the gig and new and dedicated fan to Kaleo I must urge everyone to witness them Live. It was an emotional yet exciting experience and I'm so glad I gave Kaleo a chance.