REVIEW album Chrome Molly Hoodoo Voodoo

Back To The Good Old Days... Hell Yeah!

Hoodoo Voodoo

Chrome Molly

Steve Hawkins (vocals) “we wanted to make an album that made us feel like we did in the ‘80’s, one that you can turn up in the car and sing along and play air drums and guitar to.”

Chrome Molly? ...Yes you heard the name correctly and if you have been a fan of rock'n'roll since the 1980's you will no doubt have seen them either headlining or supporting the likes of Alice Cooper and Ozzy Osbourne.

'Hoodoo Voodoo' is their 6th studio LP and whilst not being a "Concept Album" as such it was written to conjure up those heady days of denim and leather and songs you can punch the air to.

Opening with "In the beginning" it's a very good place to start. With guitarists John Foottit and Andy Barrott serving a twin guitar intro that announces... indeed screams NWOBM (New Wave of British Heavy Metal).

And there we have it a classic British Heavy Metal album ensues. The riffs are rockin' and the band has definitely come a knockin'.

"Cant Be Afraid of the Dark" sets out the theme of the Album perfectly, fist pumping, head banging good old fashioned metal. Steve Hawkins' vocal has just enough edge to make you sit up and take a listen. What you get with this album is shades of the classic British lineup of Judas Priest, UFO, early Leppard and Saxon.

Next up comes the first of a few "singalong" tracks "Some Kind Of Voodoo" . the chorus quickly gets under your skin and you just cant help yourself... (sings) "this is the kind of witchcraft..."

This is a great album and takes me back, as the band intended, to those heady days. Tracks like "Rock For You" reminding me of "Barracuda" by Heart and "Save Me" of bands like Whitesnake/Deep Purple.

I have really enjoyed this LP and so should any fan of this genre of music. Take for what it was intended, a trip down memory lane.