REVIEW album Tom Speight Willow Tree (Single)

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Willow Tree (Single)

Tom Speight

From the gentle opening of softly enveloping guitar strums with a background beat of lackadaisical loveliness, the new single from Tom Speight exudes an aura of love and calmness.

"Willow Tree" is the title track from Tom's freshest EP and features the sweet give and take of Speight's own delicately vacillating voice against the exquisite harmonies provided by Jessica Staveley-Taylor of The Staves.

If ever there was a piece of music which embodies the moment when two lovers realise that their lives are so intertwined that there is no escaping the entanglement, this is it. A mesh of twisted, tangled roots melding together and being forever supportive of the branches and leaves growing and spreading above.

Thank you Tom and Jess for a beautifully uplifting track. Practically perfect in every way.