REVIEW album Bonobo Migration

Bonobo 'Migration'... The Creative Genius



Bonobo... either you've heard his name, you know that particular song, you've memorised his album or you simply live under a rock.

Bonobo has been creating not what I call music but magic since the early 2000's. I was however over a decade late before I got to experience the masterpiece that is Bonobo; with a great back catalogue behind him and sold out shows everywhere 'Migration' is the reason why you need to know his name.

But before we get into how awesome 'Migration' is, I feel we have to mention his previous work such as "Kong", "Cirrus" and "Kiara". Personally, these are the songs that really hit me and made me appreciate a different form of music. Taking myself away from the norm and everyday bands I usually listen to, Bonobo opened my eyes to what is different can also be great. The special factor about Bonobo is yes, he creates a musical journey, he is unique but additionally Bonobo is a creative genius; if you really listen to his music and absorb it- it's indescribable.

'Migration' released January 2017 was the happy start to a new year of sad and unexplainable changes the world is facing. Even it's first track "Migration" corresponds the way the world is feeling, as it begins with a slow tempo echoed by a high note it is slowly being lifted somewhat comparing to the human emotion. By the end of "Migration" you feel hopeful and motivated.

"Kerala" the first single from 'Migration' and it's what got everybody's heart racing for the anticipated album. "Kerala" has this repetitive chime then is interrupted by a beat and that's it. You're blown away. Within seconds Bonobo somehow manages to grab you gut and make you fall for his work. But I'm not complaining at all.

'Migration' features some special appearances from the likes of Rhye, Nicole Miglis, Innov Gnawa and Nick Murphy. But tracks such as "Surface" with Nicole Miglis and "Ontario" are the real winners here. These are the songs whilst listening to the album I kept going back to, blasting my speakers and soaking up the goodness of Bonobo; on the other hand "Migration" and "7th Sevens" I feel guilty of not recalling their beauty. This is the type of album where in 10 years nostalgia will kick in and you'll remember exactly where you were and how it made you felt.

Now with enough credit about this album and the man himself, yes I love you Bonobo the only other thing I'd say is to obviously see him live. That goose bump feeling and walking on air, no it's not the alcohol it's Bonobo.