REVIEW album Jared KF Jones Turn Up The World

Extinguishing Doubts Of Success

Turn Up The World

Jared KF Jones

You're a creator aspiring to make a living from your work.

When you confide in people about your goals and dreams, you're met with balking, disapproving, or lecturing about getting "a real job" and not living in a world of "make-believe."

One Saturday morning, you reflect on where your passions have taken you. Your home is decorated with your paintings, sculptures, photos, clippings from newspaper features and letters from publishers. Some exposure has come your way, and perhaps the occasional income source, but you wonder if you're fighting a losing battle.

As you leave your home to take a walk, Jared KF Jones's "Turn Up The World" blasts through your headphones, instantly boosting your mood. You feel as though you can achieve anything, including a career as a professional artist or entertainer. After all, you only live once.

Released Jan. 31, 2017, this synth pop single reminds starving artists to study cultural leaders. Some started with nothing, working their way to the top only by following the right guidance, staying true to what they see themselves doing full-time, and perfecting their craft.

Jared KF Jones has jumped on the electronic dance music bandwagon to reveal his own talents, most of which have been featured on "Days Of Our Lives," "The Game," and NBC's "The Voice." If he keeps up at this rate, the electronic music charts will secure a spot for him.

The single artwork alone elicits a feeling of inclusion, almost as if Jared is speaking directly to you. "Turn Up The World" is an optimistic pick-me-up that uses a hardcore techno beat to quash doubts of success.