REVIEW album Beau Heal Her (EP)

A Beautiful Debut From Beau

Heal Her (EP)


Released on 18 February, the debut EP from aspiring London-based singer-songwriter Beau, is a gem of a debut. For someone so young (he is but a mere 19 years old), Beau's style and lyrics have a maturity and depth of an experienced man. By experienced, I refer to the game of love. Whoever it was that broke his heart, she undoubtedly left a mark on him and prompted him (thank goodness for us!) to create something sumptuously divine.

Like all collections on the theme, the 5-track EP, titled 'Heal Her', is a beautiful ode to the highs and lows of relationships. The title track from the record 'Heal Her' is an upbeat catchy opener with a crescendoing jazz-inspired piano solo. The song addresses the whirlwind that people often fall into when they lose themselves to love, 'soft and scared like the rest of us / darling squeeze my hand you've got one soul you can trust'.

Influenced by the likes of Ed Sheeran, James Blake and Ben Howard, Beau's acoustic folk style is that of detailed storytelling. Due care and attention has palpably been given to the track listing on the record for we are taken on an absorbing emotional rollercoaster one song at a time. The emotion in the lyrics is evident. Each track is a charming manifestation of the woes of love. 'Breaking' is a touching analysis of a relationship gone wrong, 'babe we didn't have to break up / we could've just made up / stuck it through'. The music is relatable, poetic, pensive melancholy. In terms of contemporaries, there are tinges of Roo Panes or Leo Stannard.

‘How it Ended’ is a painful study of a relationship’s end, conjuring up images of a barren wasteland in some desert dustbowl stood hopelessly lost, lonely and desolate. ‘I don’t feel hurt / I just feel numb / I don’t know if I miss you or I miss us / fading into nothing but I object / holding on to memories we never lived / need to learn to let go’. The song is simplistic in style but effective. You can feel the pain and anguish. Its tear jerking.

The final track of the EP ‘Stand Out’ is an optimistic farewell to his ex-lover. If it were a stage on the Kübler-Ross model, it’d be the acceptance stage of emotions. It’s a charming parting gift, both for us the listener and to his ex-lover… ‘you don’t have to show them anything new / what you’ve got is perfect’. It’s a clever piece of psychology in a song and a beautiful bookend to the EP.

With an EP as heavenly as this, Beau’s future is bright. Having played at Reading and Leeds festivals last summer and recently having performed a support slot for Alex Clare, Beau has an appeal that is sure to grow. I look forward to seeing what the future has in store for this young musician.