REVIEW gig Blossoms The Roundhouse Camden

Blossoms Smash The Roundhouse

Blossoms headlined The Roundhouse in Camden with support from Cabbage and Rory Wynne.

Opening the sold out gig was Rory Wynne, whose heavy electric guitar riffs caught the attention of many punters creating a fun yet boisterous atmosphere. Clearly confident but very new, his attitude reflected on the music as a too cool for school kinda guy. For instance “bad news: this is my last song-don’t cheer” nonetheless talented and ideal for a support slot for Blossoms.

Cabbage up next and the juxtaposition for the name reflecting the genre is somewhat typical, but don't let the name fool you for these guys are the new wave of Punk we've so dearly missed. Oozing confidence and attitude correlating with Rory Wynne, Cabbage were more aggressive yet the kind of guys you know you'd have a fun night in the pub with. Cabbage's music is loud and fun, creating mosh pits for new listeners and “suck on our Northern balls” certainly grabs the attention of the young crowd. While two members fluctuate in taking lead vocals, the band as whole gelled well and performed excellently.

The time has come for our headliners and owning the stage to Kanye West's "Black Skinhead"; these guys are making their mark that they've sold out The Roundhouse, they're headlining and they're here to have a damn good time. Blossoms did just that! Being completely honest, I only knew about three songs and I left feeling completely satisfied and learning that there's more to Blossoms than "Charlemagne". (It is a great song though). Performing all the favourites, Blossoms had excellent stage presence and I really enjoyed their company as people rather than musicians. Bringing out lead guitarist Josh Dewhurst's dad for some accompaniment on the piano, it was a sweet and respectful moment.

Pinnacle moments for me were of course the epic light show, props to the tech team. It was literally a sight for sore eyes, the awesome lights against a mix of blended covers from Oasis to John Lennon, oh and to mention Blossoms performing; the gig was utterly outstanding. Though, very new on the music scene it's easy to ask "how good are they?" and "do they deserve it?" the answers are bloody brilliant and yes.