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Young Tongue's Psyschedelia Provides Interesting Direction For The Old Family Of Five

Old Subbacultcha

Old Subbacultcha

After six years together as ‘The Baker Family’, Texas based indie fivesome have renamed themselves ‘Young Tongue’. And with the new name, comes an exciting direction for the psychedelic grunge rock group, which has clear roots in the electro-folk rock vibe developed under their former alias.

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Young Tongue - Death Rattle. Out now on Punctum Records and Raw Paw Records. Young Tongue - Death Rattle. Out now on Punctum Records and Raw Paw Records.[/caption]

Their latest and first full-length album under their new name, ‘Death Rattle’ is great. I am obsessed with their dreamy, drifting psychedelic folk meets California grunge-rock sound, and felt the album was intelligently and creatively produced.

Each track tells a story, the album as a whole takes us on a journey, and then at the same time each song feels like lead vocalist Stu Baker is reciting a strange story; driving percussion and heavy guitar bringing his wavey vocals up to pace with the foot tapping melodies.

Liz Baker’s onmichord hovers beneath the melodies, giving it an eerie electronic feel, something more mystical. Its like indie hippy-rock, flowing swiftly and beautifully between powerful choruses and verses into some really stripped back moments such as the ending of the stunning opening track ‘Horses and Whales’. The dancing guitar coupled with the complex percussion sound-scape make this a record you may dance to, something similar to The Drums or perhaps White Lies, the climactic choruses prompting a subconsciously tapping foot.

The turn of phrase and the lyrics are brilliant, there is a serious element of fun in the music, the Bakers are almost a whimsical couple talking to the listener with a cinematic backing track. The group’s storytelling is something ‘sexy-spooky’; kooky and fun but also at times a bit more haunting, for example ‘Matriarch’. The final track gives an unsettling ending for the album. We’re left on a cliffhanger with this track.

There is an album highlight in the already released ‘Cat Calls’, a great track that is a cracking taster of the group’s music - the tone of the song constantly shifting between uplifting and eerie. I have to say I was a bit disappointed when I saw the video, I felt that there is so much potential for the visual with this album and that they could really exploit the weirdness that one would expect with this music.

Having said that, their album artwork and promotional photography is beautiful, credit to Ryan Cooper who has created some stunning Larry Carlson-esque images that really portray the electric psychedelic sound of the band.

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Single Artwork Ryan Cooper Album Artwork[/caption]

I can’t wait to see what the group bring out next, I’ve been completely charmed by the summer beach fairytale sound they’ve created with this record, and am excited by their folky grunge sound. A definite must-listen.

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