REVIEW album Lisa Richards A Light From The Other Side

Lisa Richards: 'Frank Sinatra'

A Light From The Other Side

Lisa Richards

Imagine you are coming back home after a long day, and all that it matters for you right now is having a relaxing drink, making yourself comfortable on the sofa or the armchair and putting some good music on. But what music? Something that is pleasing to the ear, relaxing, and at the same time, not too intrusive. Something that is gentle and yet absorbing.

Cue Lisa Richards' single 'Frank Sinatra' from her new album 'A Light From The Other Side'. The track provides a perfect combination of everything: instrumental virtuosity and improvisation with a hint of traditional jazz.

At first you might think that you're listening to a bit of soft rock, but then elements of the good old folk are starting to tickle your ears. But what really fascinates is Lisa's captivating voice. There is something strange you feel, when you hear her singing, and that makes it indescribably special.

The music industry is filled with a number of issues and problems, but the main one is that it always has too many singers, and very rarely are they people with special vocal abilities. In this case, Lisa Richards defies the convention - and I'm not exaggerating - her voice is comparable to Amy Winehouse, with a gentler, softer touch.

Although there is a slight lack of instrumental variety in the track; the guitar solo creating solid background music and rhythm, I feel like it could have worked better with a little something more.

However, despite the minor flaws, the song turned out to be rarely beautiful. The combination of very different, but equally interesting styles could hardly give a boring result.

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