REVIEW album Music Bear Tony Banks 'Run!'

Tony Banks: 'Run!'

I've personally rarely come across hip-hop mixed with dance and house, but I must say, I like it a lot. Nor am I a club frequenter, but Tony Banks' 'Run!' is a sure-fire floor filling anthem with an infectious beat.

The beat pulses on and on, building a simple, yet solid base for Tony's cleverly crafted lyricism. Hailing from New York, Tony is well engulfed in the hip-hop scene and has been since his teenage years when he immersed himself in the recording studio.

Over the years, he has honed his craft and etched himself a corner of the hip-hop world which he seems to inhabit by himself. As an LGBT artist, Tony is trying to get away from the typical image of hip-hop music, which has been very heterosexual since its inception. Employing the talents of JwlB and Earthtone (also LGBT artists), Tony is breaking away from convention in more ways than one.

Whilst the beat is sure to get you moving, it is Banks' lyrics that take centre stage. There's political sentiment behind them, that's for sure, but these are words that stand up for the disenfranchised, rather than slate the political climate.

On top of this, with the backing vocals and swirling synth sounds that dominate the intro of the track, there's a definite 90s club feel to the track that will take ravers of that period back to their glory days.

Overall, to combine the often monotonous stylings of house/club music with a hip-hop aesthetic and intelligent, relevant lyricism is quite the feat. This is underground music that deserves the exposure overground. More than worth checking out!

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