REVIEW album Beldon Haigh Land of Hope

'Land Of Hope' By Beldon Haigh

Land of Hope

Beldon Haigh

Protest song writers are a rare breed these days. You might find the odd big artist who delves into the world of activism through their music, but we're hardly inundated with Woody Guthries or Billy Braggs now are we?

However, Scottish singer-songwriter, Beldon Haigh, is reinvigorating the niche-genre during a time of social and political instability.

After, releasing his first song 'Freedom', a song written in protest to the presidency of Donald Trump, Beldon has since moved on to the pressing issue of the humanitarian refugee crisis with 'Land of Hope'.

The new single sees much of the same classic songwriting that Beldon has built his name upon, this time employing the piano skills of Ted Sweeney and the string expertise of Smith Street Strings.

Although the instrumentation is of a high quality, the real focus is Beldon's lyricism which never fails to play centre stage with its pertinent relevance and simple, yet effective messaging. This is what the protest song is all about and Beldon gets his point a across with the utmost of ease and skill.

'Land of Hope' is an easy listener, but those who dig deeper and truly engage with what's being said will be rewarded with the determination of wanting to make a difference. For Beldon, this is mission accomplished.

On top of this, Beldon is donating all proceeds from 'Land of Hope' to a charity called IndiGo volunteers who are helping aid agencies when it comes to logistical support.

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