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M3staken Ends Album Trilogy With 'Rain'



Sometimes when you feel like you've been listening to the same music for ages, it's worth going really out there and trying something completely different that you wouldn't normally go for. It's a challenge. I like a challenge.

Such was the case when I listened to South Carolina based hip-hop artist, M3staken. I'm partial to a little hip-hop from time to time, but M3staken takes the roots of the genre, then goes above and beyond, picking up a host of other influences on the way, resulting in a complex amalgamation of beats, distorted electronica with urban stylings lying underneath.

The talented and ambitious young producer already has two albums to his name which displayed his highly experimental aesthetic, and he has continued that in his latest release, 'Rain'.

Whilst 'Apex', his first album saw him dabble with classical piano lines that somehow contrasted fittingly with his dark, ambient beats, 'Rain' has lost this feature, yet it shows how much M3staken is willing to hone his craft in order to found his true sound.

Opening track, 'Refresh' shows you exactly what M3staken is all about - creating jarring soundscapes in a form of harmonic dissonance. As the album goes on, 'Nite' displays a more melodic base and exudes exactly what the title says on the tin. Likewise, 'Copenhagen Dreams' certainly gives the impression of sleep-induced inspiration and rapid eye movement.

M3staken doesn't make your everyday kind of music; this is music that should be appreciated for its artistic pushing of boundaries. So, close your eyes and let M3staken's one of a kind style lead you on a little mind-trip.

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