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Psychopathic Romantics: The Gathering

The Gathering

Psychopathic Romantics

There's a lot of genre blenders out there, many of them doing the same thing, but I don't think I've ever come across a psych-folk-rock group before.

This is exactly what Italian band, Psychopathic Romantics are doing, with the help of their American front-man, Dust.

Their latest release, 'The Gathering', originally appeared on their 2015 album, 'Bread and Circuses', but due to its relevant political nature, the group decided to re-release it in the midst of today's social instability and chaos. It makes sense.

'The Gathering' begins with a UFO like drone, circling the mandolin lead which nods to the band's folk influences, sitting subtly in the background. Along with Dust's vocals, a dark ambience is created due to the serious nature of the lyrics. Th electric guitar wails away underneath all of this, building a tension that can only be reflected with the happenings of the real world.

As the bridge comes round, a brightness is conjured, contrasting the darkness of the rest of the track, led by a western sounding acoustic guitar feel. However, this is quickly dampened by the return of the screaming guitar, mirroring the oppression imposed by authority which is made clear in the video for 'The Gathering'.

Essentially. this is rock music, but it's dark, it's moody and it's poignant. Great sounding music is fantastic, but what's even better is music that is written with a purpose. Well worth wrapping your ears around.

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