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Jamie Berry Gets 'Bolder' With New Style


Jamie Berry

Leeds based artist, Jamie Berry has been making a name for himself in the extremely niched world of electro-swing, racking up over 3 million plays on his hugely recognisable track 'Delight'.

However, with his current work, Jamie is looking to expand his audience and fan base, and so he has ventured towards a slightly more contemporary sound, but don't worry, he hasn't lost his identity.

His latest track, 'Bolder', which also features the sweet vocal talents of Georgia Thursting is a real smooth, grower of a track that you'll be in love with by the end of the song.

Thursting's vocals combine delicately with bravado-swing trumpets, reggae inspired beats and a wobbling bass line that provides a solid, groove-heavy bottom line to the track.

It's not Berry at his swing-best, but it's Berry at his compositional best without a doubt.

It's the kind of track that suits a number of occasions, whether that be a summery bbq, on the floor of the club, or even just blaring through your headphones on the bus.

There's something here for fans of pop, reggae, dance music and of course, Jamie's faithful following from his earlier work. Every musician has to progress in some way, and sometimes that means adapting their style. As far as I'm concerned, Berry has conquered the world of electro-swing and he's just looking for a new challenge. It would seem he's well on his way to conquering this one as well.

Look out for Jamie's upcoming album 'Frenzy', which is out soon.

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