REVIEW album Chase The River Recycle Your Regrets

Chase The River: 'Recycle Your Regrets'

Recycle Your Regrets

Chase The River

Folk has seemingly made a return under the wing of Northern Irish singer-songwriter, Chase The River (CTR), whose new album, 'Recycle Your Regrets', presents one of the most introspective records of late.

Having gone through a series of unfortunate events including break-ups, the passing of his father and breaking his back, CTR is a songwriter who may have seen his fair share of bad luck, but this has helped him find solid, meaningful topics to write his songs about.

'Picture of a Heart' opens the album in hard-hitting style that you might not expect, with the roaring electronic guitar creating that road trip-esque feel over the top of the signature acoustic. Meanwhile, 'Talk About Pillows' slows down the tempo somewhat and allows CTR's guitar skills to do the delicate talking in the form of a touching love song, but unfortunately, one of lost love.

There's no frills or fancy bits and pieces here; the simplicity of CTR's music is possibly the most admirable aspect of his work- it's not over complicated. This is just as well, because CTR's raw, husky vocals deserve centre stage and luckily for listeners, they do throughout most of the album.

On top of this, 'Lost' is another track that shows CTR at his songwriting best, going even more gentle with this one, but somehow he manages to still create powerful sentiments underneath its fragile facade.

Fans of Damien Rice are sure to love Chase The River and if you're into Joe Purdy too, you should definitely check him out!

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