REVIEW album Shannon K Perpetual

Shannon K: 'Lately' From 'Perpetual'


Shannon K

'Lately' is the new track from Indian teen popstar, Shannon K, who has recently released her latest album, 'Perpetual'.

'Lately' continues in much the same fashion as Shannon's previous work, but there's a more mature, confident edge to her work which she has acquired, even at the age of just 15!

The track opens with a reverberating bass line and intermittent beat that allows Shannon's vocals to take centre stage. Before long, a clap beat joins the fray, building up to the drop before the chorus which is delayed further by Shannon's sassy spoken line: 'Boy, look at me when I'm talking to you'.

Speaking of which, the chorus is unbelievably infectious as the bass rises and Shannon's double-tracked vocals swim in and out of each in perfect harmony.

It's the kind of track you could get down and groove to on a night out, but equally, it's a catchy one to blare through your headphones on the bus too!

Fans of old-skool Christina Aguilera are sure to love the sound of Shannon's 'Lately'!

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