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Old Subbacultcha

Old Subbacultcha

Dream Pop that overshadows your mind and body, longing for your ears to hear more...

SUBBA-CULTCHA.COM SAYS: “Five piece Elastic Sleep originating from Cork, encapsulate shoe gaze and individualism to perfection. Their EP, 'Leave You,' which is also the first song on the 6 track record, proves the band are versatile with tracks such as: 'Leave You' and 'Splish' which consist of dreamy vocals and harmonies, giving an atmospheric feel to the EP. Tracks such as 'I Found Love' and 'Tzar Bomba' showcase a deeper edge punctuated by those lead vocal, confirming the versatility of the band. This contrast in vocals is experimental and effective yet maintains the distinctive murmurs that make Elastic Sleep’s sound tranquil but edgy. The Bold guitars and strong drum playing create this edginess that illuminates the enchanting echoing vocals. Elastic Sleep prove to be creative with their EP, the hollowing sound makes your ears want more. it implies some sort of transcendence over your mind and body. Yet the track 'Tzar Bomba' breaks this trance with impressive electric guitars creating a heavy rock track."
Elastic Sleep - Leave You EP The pinnacle track on the EP “Leave You” captures the listener instantly and intensely with soft, echoing vocals that coincide with gentle strumming that then heightens to a catchy beat. But the electric guitar solos stand out forcing this heaviness upon the track that perfectly portrays the Shoegaze genre. Ultimately, the EP establishes Elastic Sleep’s potential who deserve great success and a spot on a Festival stage this summer. Elastic Sleeps’s EP “Leave You” will be released 28
th April on Vinyl and Digital Download.