REVIEW album DJ Goodfella Record Breakers vol. 1

Finally A DJ Who Breaks Records

Record Breakers vol. 1

DJ Goodfella

The mixtape game has been flooded with various mixtapes containing the same artist. I can remember back in the 90's I would get a mixtape to hear new music and discover upcoming artist. It was like being in an exclusive club to be playing new music that is hot and never heard.

Here we have DJ Goodfella ushering a breath of fresh air. From the very 1st song on this mixtape I was sold. playing an indie artist Lingo Jonez which the whole mixtape features. I have to give my props to DJ Goodfella because he picked a hot upcoming artist to feature.

It's great to know that there is a DJ who is staying true to ushering new music to the world. He is keeping true to the mixtape title "Record Breakers". This mixtape is a non-stop party. Turn off the radio if DJ Goodfella is not on it and play this.

Finally a DJ who breaks records. THANK YOU!!!!!!!