REVIEW album Nugget Foster AY DETI

There Is Hope For The Future Of Hip-Hop


Nugget Foster

When you listen to this new age rap music, it is filled with everything but one thing. No hunger until I stumbled across Nugget Foster. I missed hearing the hunger of an emcee and he gives us just that, with his freestyle titled “Curtis Mayfield”. From the classic cut of the sample used in the production with the blend of Nugget’s witty wordplay you have a winning combination.

This is pure feel good Hip-Hop, which is rare with this new breed of rappers. You can hear the grind and the eagerness in Nugget’s voice tone. When other rappers are rapping about having a million dollars already Nugget keeps it real and speaks on his hustle to get his mother moved to a bigger and better place. After listening to his AY DETI EP I now know there is hope for the future of Hip Hop.