REVIEW album DJ-V The Mad Mad Maniac

DJ-V Delivered An Underground Classic

The Mad Mad Maniac


When I think of all the great rappers who graced us with a unique style Eminem, Ol Dirty, Busta Rhymes and Outkast comes to mind. I had the pleasure of checking out DJ-V (Horror Flick). This emcee has separated himself from the trap pack. His horror flick infused style gives you a vivid look into his world with hard hitting, dramatic styled production, he is sure to have a cult following.

DJ-V also captures you with punchlines and wild funny stories that will have you hang on to every word he raps. I have been waiting for his new mixtape to drop “The Mad, Mad Maniac” and DJ-V did not disappoint. From the personal look into his life with tracks like “Basement” to the IDGAF anthem titled “Disrespectful” and the Hip-hop banger “The Raw” DJ-V delivered a powerful product. The production on this mixtape is just as crazy as DJ-V, perfect match made in horror. DJ-V delivered an underground classic.