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John Dylan - 'Get Beyond'

Get Beyond

John Dylan

'Get Beyond' may be John Dylan's first single, but it's rather obvious that he is not new to the game. John Dylan has been around for a while in fact, John had previously fronted the psych rock band Terrene. However on this new single, Dylan is not attempting to do what Terrene had already accomplished. John is only creatively exploring new composition. In a true artistic nature, he plays around with old and new ideas. On this new track ‘Get Beyond’ John, like a magnet, pulls these notions closer together.

Dylan always had a unique vocal performance, which shines most on this new song. Seeming to be heavily influenced by the likes of Tame Impala, they only aim to take a step back as the wobbly bass and memorable guitar riffs take the stage. That's not to say the vocals are insignificant, as unique as they are, they're incredibly ear friendly. These distant vocals sustain throughout the song, and though they are allowing the composition to take centre stage, they are still often demanding.

John Dylan's robotic psych sound, is no doubt setting itself apart from its fellow psych outfits. From the minimalistic distortion on its guitars to its buzzy bass riffs, it progresses so naturally with its sci-fi like nature. And with this progression, the song reaches this epic climax of distortion, yet remaining to continue its enjoyable hooks.

As the lyrics fade, the song advances into a whole other world. In 2 minutes of instrumentals, John Dylan aims to push more of his individuality. The quirky and spacey anomalous bass continues to be the skeleton of the composition, as more elements flow in. This ending embodies John Dylan's new sound.

This is only the start, and there is no doubt that on Dylan's upcoming album 'Peripheral Drift Illusion', there is more showcasing of his eccentric characteristics.

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