REVIEW album Brandon Chase I'm Tryin

The Art Of Storytelling At It’s Best

I'm Tryin

Brandon Chase

When I think of some of hip-hops best storytellers, Slick Rick, Nas, Outkast and Scarface comes to mind. What seemed like a lost skill has now been revived with new comer Brandon Chase.

When you look at the current state of hip-hop Brandon Chase stands out with this ability to paint the picture. When listening to songs like “I’m Tryin” you start to envision the backdrop of a young man doing what he has to, but not what he wants to, with lyrics like “Delta told omega this alpha must have a strong spine, along with mankind but never knew the man kind”.

Brandon Chase is proving that he has the tools to be considered amongst storyteller greats. His word play skills combined with soulful and almost cinematic production provides a recipe for a classic song.

You will not go wrong giving this artist a serious listen. Quite refreshing to hear in the era of autotune and mumble rap. Brandon Chase displays the art of storytelling at it’s best.