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Be charmed by Hozier's new EP

Old Subbacultcha

Old Subbacultcha

Soft strokes of a guitar so sensitive and serene, the peace immediately portrayed is broken but somewhat enhanced by this powerful voice that instantly catches you off guard. You’re intrigued and want to hear more. The captivating voice sings honest lyrics amongst the flowing guitar and intricate drums, creating rhythm and blues at its most curious yet finest.

Irish born Hozier brings his latest EP “From Eden” which consists of  4 tracks one of which is titled “From Eden” the tracks differ between recorded and one live track “To be alone” which proves Hozier’s talent. The songwriter roots from Folk but mixes soul and blues rock to create something beautifully awesome. The husky and charming vocals are complemented by the pinnacle guitar that creates an edgy and attitude feel to the EP, almost adding a dark approach to it. This fast rising star doesn't disappoint as all tracks tell an enchanting story and composes a head nodding, body swaying rhythm that you can’t decline. Tracks such as “Arsonist’s Lullaby” the rasping humming and deep, passionate vocals against the crunchy raw guitar, the sound is impeccably impressive bringing a heavier approach to the EP. But ultimately “From Eden” contrasts in a versatile manner; the slight country tone with rhythm creates an uplifting, chilled outcome.
The Blues Rock bug has bitten again since The Black Keys yet brings a different, unique and effortless sting to your ears, as “From Eden” is an EP that will definitely increase Hozier’s success with him now being added to the Reading and Leeds Festival line-up. The versatility and rawness of this songwriter proves that it’s only onwards and upwards for him. From Eden EP released April 28th 2014
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