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John Dylan's Psych-Inspired 'If I Want You To'

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John Dylan

Following up his debut solo release 'Get Beyond' which cemented Dylan on the alternative scene with its upbeat, euphoric stylings, the multi-instrumentalist and songwriter is now back with the new single, 'If I Want You To'.

Taking a much darker route than 'Get Beyond', 'If I Want You To' commences with a drudging, melancholic guitar line that sets the mood for the tone of the track. Dylan's falsetto vocals sit in contrast to the deep, drones that underpin 'If I Want You To', displaying more of his vocal prowess that is becoming a trademark of the psych influenced songwriter.

I will say that 'If I Want You To' is somewhat of a slow burner, taking around 4 minutes before the pace picks up, the overdrive kicks in, creating a whirlwind of aggressive, yet delicately balanced guitar and swirling sound effects that result in a chaotic masterpiece of sound engineering.

Discomfort looms over the track from the outset, manifested in Dylan's fragile vocal style which only leaves you waiting for a drop of some kind- which does eventually come, and it's worth the wait.

'If I Want You To' conveys a totally different side to this multi-faceted musician who clearly draws on a smorgasbord of artists when constructing his songs. Initially, there's hints Queens of The Stone Age before more psychedelic influences creep in towards the end of the track, nodding to the likes of Tame Impala and Pond.

Fans of 'Get Beyond' will certainly be struck by the diversity with which Dylan writes, but many will appreciate this flexibility that proves he is capable of transcending one lone genre in pursuit of a truly individual musical style.

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