REVIEW album Major Makk Makk-11

More Than Country


Major Makk

When you think of Nashville music you immediately think of Country or Blue Grass. Thriving in Nashville is a vibrant growing trap, hip hop scene and the standout star is definitely Major Makk. Major doesn’t disappoint, he gives you vivid lyrics that paint a picture of a young hustler grinding to make it to the next level.

Many songs I heard on Major’s Soundcloud page are pure street anthems, his witty word play and careful beat selection combines to give you a solid hit record. It’s rare that you would find so many classic records from an upcoming rapper from this era but Major Makk is the exception.

I especially love what he did to the “Look At Me Freestyle”. If you're looking for the next big star check out Major Makk and you will then see first hand that Nashville is more than country.