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WORLD EXCLUSIVE - Nothing 'Guilty Of Everything' Track By Track - Part 1

Old Subbacultcha

Old Subbacultcha

Philadelphia shoegaze titans reveal their influences

Nothing 1 Photo credit: Shawn Brackbill One of the most intense, distinctive and emotionally-charged heavy records in a while, Nothing’s debut is not something you’ll want to sleep on. ‘Guilty Of Everything’ blends elements of punk and shoegaze to great effect, driven by ex-Horror Show frontman Domenic 'Nicky' Palermo. Palermo had taken a lengthy break from music following his conviction for aggravated assault in 2002, and his jail time shaped the record’s atmosphere of unease and isolation. It's a bleak but frequently beautiful listen, cathartic in the truest sense of the word. Inspired as much by My Bloody Valentine, The Cure and Slowdive as anything on the hardcore spectrum, songs like 'Bent Nail' and 'Hymn To The Pillory prove electrifying on record, and European live dates are eagerly awaited. You can watch the first part of an exclusive Track By Track video series below: keep your eyes peeled through the week for more.